About Us

Hidden Hollow Garden ART began with a love of gardening, art, and one BIG dream! In 2001, we purchased a wonderful property with some amazing old buildings…we knew immediately they were keepers and that the actual chicken coop (filled to the rafters with hay) would be transformed into what is now known as “The COOP” our funky version of a country store.  It wasn’t long before we started making things, it was then that our first creation, the flower feeder was born (we still make them today). In 2002, we started selling our creations - and the rest (as they say) is history.

We are a husband and wife team who took “the leap” to pursue our passion of working with metal full-time. Jaimie (that’s me) creates all the designs and adds the funky paint jobs - Pete programs, cuts, bends, and welds (he’s a master). HHGA is truly a family business, my mom helps with painting and my dad is our birdhouse guy, we even get help from the kids now and again. 

Besides owning our own business, we are parents to a couple of awesome kids, a dog, cats, and a flock of chickens - some days are quite a riot, but we wouldn’t change it for the world!

Our favorite part about what we do is getting to use our creative energy in a positive way that helps make people happy. smiley

Hidden Hollow Garden ART is a truly magical place, nestled in an inspiring rural setting, where you can find bold and whimsical metal art creations, sure to brighten your space and bring a smile to your face.